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Sully District Democrats To Hold Primary After Smith's Request

CHANTILLY- This week Fairfax County Democrats will officially certify a public primary to nominate their candidate for Supervisor in Sully District.  Kathy Smith issued the following statement:

"I asked Fairfax County Democrats to select a primary open to the public to select our nominee.  I am very glad the party agreed.  I believe local offices like Supervisor and School Board should be not be partisan affairs, but instead are where the community should be able to elect the candidate whose vision for the future most closely matches theirs.  It's important both parties invite the community to participate in the process and I'm glad my party has done so."

A primary held by the county (only if contested) would open 29 Sully precincts from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday June 9th.  It would also allow for absentee voting early at the government center, allowing residents in the military or State Department overseas to participate as well.  A "firehouse primary" or "party canvass" is usually limited to one or two locations for a smaller time frame- and does not provide an opportunity for voters to participate who are not in the area on election day.  Also worth noting- open primaries in Virginia do not include party "pledges" for voters, while a "firehouse primary" or "party canvass" requires voters to pledge their support for a political party before participating.