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As Sully District supervisor, I have fought to ensure our schools receive the funding they need to remain one of the best systems in the country. From the classroom to the school board, and as a community leader and former teacher, I have fought for students, teachers and parents; and I will continue that work.

Good schools are the center of strong communities. They are an important factor in maintaining a strong economy. They provide a skilled workforce which attracts businesses to the area. Fairfax County Public Schools provide equal opportunity for kids from diverse backgrounds to live up to their potential; they encourage students to do amazing things; and they promote the inclusion of our newest residents. Funding our public schools is a core requirement of local government, and in Fairfax County, 71% of the school budget comes from the county. 

As Supervisor, I have voted to fund our schools to ensure that FCPS will continue to be one of the best systems in the country. We have begun to bring equity to our schools with several new programs and  policies:

  • One Fairfax​
  • Increasing teacher’s pay to attract the best and brightest to teach our children
  • Fully funding our schools