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Sully District was carefully built around environmental treasures that we must protect. In fact many of our neighborhoods- Rocky Run, Bull Run, Cub Run and others are named after the streams that run through our district. As your Supervisor​,​ my priorities concerning the environment will be:

  1. Tree Preservation- Sully District has some of the best tree covering in all of Fairfax, including many older large trees. I will work to protect our trees and require that developers taking down large numbers of trees replace them elsewhere within the district.
  2. Stream Protection- Fairfax County has not always prioritized our streams, and the EPA rated some in the county as the dirtiest in Virginia. The county has since been doing a better job on these issues, but we need to ensure that our streams remain healthy and support the ecosystems in the parks which surround many of them.
  3. Open Space- When new projects are brought to the Board of Supervisors​,​ I will work to ensure that they include adequate open space for the community to enjoy.  Land management is critical to ​what runs into our streams.