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When most of Sully District was built, young families populated our area looking for good schools and housing priced more reasonably than in the eastern areas of the county. Decades later, our population is growing older with more people choosing to retire here in Sully and age in homes they have lived in for years. This creates a whole new set of issues and opportunities that we need to focus on in western Fairfax.

As Sully Supervisor, I will immediately convene a task force to look into issues of aging that are specific to western Fairfax. I believe we can improve our transportation infrastructure for seniors, so that they will not need to drive if they don't want to​, ​especially in rush hour or after dark. We need to focus on senior​-​friendly redevelopments that provide great dining and entertainment options closer to home. I also want to find ways to better involve our senior population in the community, utilizing their special skills in a number of areas, such as volunteering in our schools.

By creating a comprehensive plan for seniors in western Fairfax, we can build the infrastructure that will allow the Sully District to be a great place to live, work, play​,​ and even retire!