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Meet Kathy

Kathy Smith was elected to the  Fairfax County School Board from Sully District in 2002. Representing over 100,000 residents when she was first elected, Kathy has been an advocate for the interests of western Fairfax as the district has grown to a population of over 120,000 today. While on the School Board, Kathy was elected Chairman three times, she chaired the Governance Committee for six years, and co-chaired the Joint Infrastructure Financing Committee, which included three members from the School Board and three members from the Board of Supervisors. Kathy is currently the Vice Chair of the Budget Committee.

Kathy has lived  in Sully District with her husband, Steve, since 1984. They have four children, Brian, Kyle, Andrew and Stephanie, who all attended Fairfax County Public Schools. Their family now includes daughter-in-law Leah, grandchildren Kathy Cate (3), Meredith (1) and newborn Caitlynn. Kathy spent many years active in her children's youth sports leagues, and served as PTA President at all three schools attended by her children-- Chantilly High, Rocky Run Middle and Poplar Tree Elementary.  

Kathy has been a leader on the school board and was instrumental in the board’s strategic governance process that led to the development of student achievement goals that guide instruction for our students. Our comprehensive school program includes not only a strong academic component and arts education, but also professional technical programs. Kathy understands the strength of our school system attracts businesses and families to the county and helps maintain high property values.

Kathy taught for seven years, teaching first grade in New Jersey and second grade at an International School in Saudi Arabia. She graduated from Muhlenberg College with a B.A. in Sociology and Elementary Education.