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Kathy Smith Moves Past Incident

On Wednesday, August 12th, Kathy Smith agreed to drop all charges against a woman who attacked her while canvassing on July 11th.  Her assailant is taking anger management classes and wrote Kathy an apology letter.  "I treat all of my constituents with respect, whether we agree or disagree on particular issues. That's why I was glad to drop these charges as soon as I received an apology for the assault that occurred last month, " Kathy Smith said following the court appearance on Wednesday.  

"Going door to door and talking to people is best part of the job.  Almost everyone I speak to, regardless of their politics, are friendly and welcoming."  When asked how the attack affected her campaigning, Smith said, "You can't let stuff like this get to you.  As an elected official, you have a responsibility to your constituents and I take that very seriously.  I went back to same street the next day and picked up where I left off.  It hasn't slowed me down."  

You can see Channel 4's coverage of the story here


Charges dropped against assailant