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The Washington Post Endorses Kathy Smith for Sully District Supervisor

On Friday, October 16, The Washington Post announced its endorsement of Kathy Smith for Sully District Supervisor.  The newspaper noted Kathy's deep experience and substance, while also highlighting the sharp contrast with her opponent.  You may read the Post's comments below: 

"Sully District. The departing six-term incumbent, Republican Michael R. Frey, has been a constructive consensus-builder. The Republican vying to succeed him, John P. Guevara, a technology consultant, is cut from different cloth: He has ranted against advocates who would put illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship — though his parents, originally illegal immigrants, eventually became citizens — and suggested that the federal government regards conservatives as terrorists. That kind of toxic rhetoric would be unhelpful on the county board, as would his stated desire to arrest day laborers and his insistence that some public school programs are wasteful — though which ones he cannot say. His Democratic rival, veteran school board member Kathy L. Smith, is a better pick — and easily the more informed candidate."  Click here to view article. 

Newspaper says Smith is "easily the more informed candidate"